Thanksgiving Mishaps Read by Jimmy Fallon

The Thanksgiving season has just passed, which means that people are likely still eating leftovers while doing their Christmas shopping. SNL alum and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon recently shared Twitter posts about mistakes made during Thanksgiving preparations made by viewers, and many of them may make you feel a little better about blunders you’ve made while preparing what is usually the biggest meal of the year.

One viewer shared that her grandfather’s dentures fell into the mashed potatoes while he was preparing them. He made her promise not to tell any of the other family members. Another Twitter user said that her uncle got so drunk during Thanksgiving dinner that he started cutting the turkey with the handle of the knife instead of the blade! Another viewer shared a hilarious Thanksgiving memory of the time her grandmother was complaining about how bad the snacks were at dinner, when she was actually eating potpourri without realizing it. Another viewer tweeted that one Thanksgiving, her cousin forgot to bring dessert and her grandmother forgot the turkey, so the family ended up eating varieties of potatoes for their holiday dinner. One viewer recalled the time she used a chocolate fountain for Thanksgiving, but the fountain stopped working properly and chocolate splattered all over the kitchen and hardened. One viewer even posted holiday memories of a family member making gravy and accidentally poured all the gravy in the sink through a strainer, since there was no pan underneath to catch the sauce.

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