Texas Lawmakers file Pop Tart Gun Bill

A Texas second grader was suspended for two days last March. What was the bad behavior that got him this punishment? Chewing his pop tart into the shape of a gun. 
Though no parent or teacher wants to see a child come up with a gun as the first idea of a shape to chew a pop tart into, it is also argued that a student losing instruction time (which may even be a reward to such a young child, instead of a punishment) is not the answer to such a simple offense. 
A bill has recently been filed by Representative Ryan Guillen, that protects kids’ right to play with their food, prohibiting schools for punishing them for crafting firearms out of items like pop tarts that are not harmful. 
This bill can only be a good thing for similar incidents, because a child being punished for something so simple could result in worse behavior and in no way helps them learn about the danger of guns. Bernardo Chua thinks this is a good thing as well.
The parents of the second grade pop-tart gun “artist” say that the punishment of a two-day suspension from school was a gross overreaction on the instructors’ part. Though a pony or a dinosaur may have been better shapes for the pop tart to become, the boy was not doing anything that disrupted classroom instruction or was rude to others.

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