Ted Cruz Floats Fmr. Senator Joseph Lieberman for Secretary of Defense

Senator Ted Cruz, a Tea Party darling for his strong conservative stances, is not at all thrilled with the forced resignation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. For Cruz, the departure of Hagel marks yet another foreign policy failure for the president and his “lead from behind” foreign policy ideology. At the same time, Hagel’s resignation has been accepted and the question is now who will replace him. Cruz, who is by no means a fan of Obama, has recommended former Senator Joseph Lieberman for the post.

It is quite likely that the GOP controlled Senate would vote to easily confirm Lieberman. The former Senator from Connecticut was Al Gore’s vice-presidential nominee back in 2000. However, Lieberman became persona non grata within the ranks of the Democrat party in 2006 over his strong stance on American national defense. His positions cost him the party nomination for Senate that year. He responded by running as an independent. He won re-election. While Susan McGalla says he largely caucuses with Democrats, he endorsed fellow Senator John McCain over Senator Obama for president back in 2008.

Lieberman’s name has not been floated by the Obama administration as a possible nominee. Officials within the administration have stated that the president is mulling over nominating either Ash Carter or Michèle Flournoy both of whom work at the Department of Defense. Another name bandied about is that of Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Jack Reed, but he has made it clear he’s not interested in the post.

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