Tech Savvy Brit Wastes 11 Hours Attempting To Make Cup Of Tea With Wi-Fi Kettle

This little news bit still has us shaking our head, again and again. Thanks to the world of Twitter, we could follow a British man’s ongoing frustration on social media, as he spent a day trying to set up his new appliance so that it would boil on command. Well, it is tea, and the English really like to indulge, as well all know.

Mark Rittman works as a data specialist, so that means he’s at least tech savvy, great with details and dealing with tons of information. The Hove, England resident, however, had met his match with his new Wi-Fi enabled kettle.

The only thing he desired that morning was his first hot cup of tea and spent the next 11 hours, waiting for the darn hi-tech pot to boil the water. He attempted and attempted, and the hours were going by and still, the connection was lost. It was all very simple and boiled down (sorry) to this- the base station was unable to communicate with the kettle itself.

Mr. Rittman went on Twitter to report his frustrations and many attempts to repair the problem:

…”3 hrs later and still no tea. Mandatory recalibration caused wifi base-station reset, now port-scanning network to find where kettle is now.”

His tweets were attracting lots of attention on the globally popular social media site, and folks were following his every move to get the Wi-Fi kettle to steam up and boil. Poor Mr. Rittman; his kettle came with zero software that would have made life simpler with integration and other devices in his home. So, he was attempting to construct the integration functionality himself.

Finally, Mr. Rittman figured out that the kettle liked being around “live” persons and thus, began responding to voice control. That means, the kettle was up and running online.

One sarcastic, funny Twitter guy with the label @onekade, challenged Mr. Rittman with this gem:

“….Why don’t you just get normal f****** kettle.”

Meantime, Mr. Rittman is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and plans to do requested interviews on the saga of his Wi-Fi kettle.

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