Tammy Mazzocco; A Distinguished Authority In The Ohio Real Estate Sector.

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished Ohio-based real estate agent who works with Judy and Gang Associates located in Pickerington, Ohio. According to her Facebook page, Tammy began her career in the real estate industry serving as the secretary at the Edwards Realty Company. Tammy worked for the commercial real estate firm under the leadership of Mike Zelnik. Working with a team of excellent commercial agents, Tammy gained some of the basics in succeeding in the real estate industry. After her tenure at Edwards Realty, Tammy spent the following seven years of her career managing condominiums at Scotland Yard Condominiums. This is the time when Tammy Mazzocco also got her license as a real estate agent. This was a decision that was suggested by Ken Cook who owns Cook Realty and the general manager at Scotland Yard. Ken Cook was a paramount person in the career development of Tammy, he regularly advised and encouraged her in her early career days.  http://www.tammymazz.com/featured-searches/rentals/

After she left Scotland Yard, Tammy Mazzocco got another job at T&R Properties. Here she served as a multi-site property manager for an office warehouse complex as well as two apartment complexes. 1998 saw Tammy become a licensed PA for Joe Armeni. Joe is a leading RE/MAX (http://www.remax.com/realestateagentoffice/pickerington-oh-43147-tammymazzocco-id29953112.html ) producer located in Columbus. This tenure is what gave Tammy Mazzocco the inspiration to fully launch into the real estate sector. She gained a lot of experience being a day to day part of a well-established and successful real estate agent, and it made her realize that she should up her game.

She shared on Tumblr that the real estate sector is her passion. As a matter of facts, it encompasses her entire career. In her current position at Judy and Gang, Tammy says that Judy is a friend and a great mentor who has exceptionally helped her to shape her career.


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