Talkspace Provision of Therapies Online

According to a recent publication by Talkspace, the stigma of depression is real. Individuals living with depression deem themselves as lesser people and are unable to live normal lives. Unfortunately, stigma surrounds mental illness up to date. Stigma gives rise to many misconceptions. Moreover, stigma is dangerous to the person suffering from a mental illness. The stigma makes affected people not to reach out for help because they are embarrassed with themselves. Depression is a disease and a disability at the same time.

Alicia Winkle is a therapist at Talkspace. She has been a therapist for five years now and started working with Talkspace two years ago. She is a licensed professional counselor in Alabama. The psychologist holds a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of North Alabama.

Alicia Winkle decided to work in the mental health department because she always wanted to offer help. She majored in psychology after suffering from anxiety that made her drop out of nursing school. She decided to help other to overcome mental problems after her encounter.

Alicia wanted to work with Talkspace since the facility provided psychological services to patients online. Patients, therefore, do not need to travel to the facility. While at Talkspace, she has been proud of her work by seeing patients she attended to making progress and thanking her in return. When not working, Alicia loves staying outside for fun. She likes redoing furniture and running.

Talkspace is a medical facility that offers therapy online. The therapy start-up is situated in New York City. The therapies are more affordable and accessible to many people. The facility is made up of a networked of licensed professional who avail themselves to clients for consultations. Moreover, the professionals offer treatment plans that are long-term via the web or smartphone. Talkspace offers therapy for various problems including depression, anxiety, and stigma.

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