Talkspace Elevates Online Mental-Health Care

Our smartphones have definitely taken a turn for the better because it allows us to engage in conversation and other activities with people who are not physically present by our side. A new research in South Korea revealed that 10% of teens who pervasively used the internet are prone to developing depression. This is probably the reason why online mental-health services are booming across the internet.

Online companies like Talkspace are more convenient and practical than going to a pre-scheduled appointment with a therapist. Such e-therapy structure or systems provide numerous options, from making a phone call to conducting online video chats that are instantly available. Ever since its inception online, Talkspace states that it has approximately 500,000 users who engaged the services of their 1,000 plus online health professionals.

The advantages of online therapy according to Talkspace, includes the ability of clients to contact their therapist as the need arises. Clients who do not have much spare time can conveniently get in touch with their caregiver. And it’s cheaper than the traditional one-hour face-to-face sessions with a therapist.

Talkspace plans start at $32 for a week where clients can talk once a day with their therapist through text messaging. The $39 a week plan includes two consultations per day, and the $49 per week likewise fetches two consultations a day including a half-hour live chat with the therapist monthly.

Online therapy systems, in general, can provide more help because it is convenient and accessible to more people who are in need of mental health assistance. In line with this, Talkspace commented on a study made on approximately 99,000 individuals who have mental health problems that went for the remote therapy sessions to seek help. The result of the study revealed that online therapy was able to minimize the occurrence of hospitalization by approximately twenty-five percent.

On a final note, online mental health therapies help lessen the humiliation involved when a person has mental health issues, making it easier for patients to seek the help they need. This is in addition to being able to get hold of a helpful and calm voice more efficiently at the other end of the line to prevent further escalation of problems.

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  1. It is all about been innovative of which I think that they have really put in much effort to ensure that their clients are better handled. Just as review makes some strong points in their article, I believe that the moves that they have brought into their sessions is really good and its a welcomed development. The society is rebranding hence the need to sync with it.

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