Talkspace: bringing therapy into the 21st century

Users of Talkspace, an online therapy app, are reporting vast improvements to their mental health and general quality of life. The service, which currently serves around 500,000 people, will soon be available to many more. Magellan Health was in talks with Talkspace recently, and will soon offer customers of Magellan Health insurance access to the platform.

Oren Frank and his wife created Talkspace in 2012, and he currently acts as the CEO of the company. A study of thousands of United States veterans was proof to Frank that mental health care can work as an online platform. The study concluded that participants who had access to online mental health care were 25 percent less likely to be hospitalized due to mental health issues than subjects who did not have access to online therapy.

Talkspace offers several different plans for users to choose from. One plan, which costs $32 a week, gives users a customized daily text message from a mental health professional. Users of another plan, which runs $49 a week, receive multiple daily correspondences from their therapists as well as a monthly therapy session through video chat.

Talkspace is improving lives, and Oren Frank hopes that soon everybody, regardless of time restraints or income level, will be able to access mental health care online.

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