Talkspace: A New and Innovative Messaging Application

Oren Frank and Roni Frank created Talkspace back in 2012. Their primary objective back then was to provide a platform for people to share their experiences with professional therapists who are on the other side of the line. Talkspace has been a global phenomenon, and it managed to gain more than 350,000 users since it was first launched. Oren Frank developed the application because he wanted to speak with a therapist back then due to issues surrounding his marriage. After he realized that the application has great potential, he started to invest in it and invited people to try it out. Talkspace has also been promoted by experts from different universities, citing the application’s unique way of speaking to people who need therapy and counseling.

The messaging app is a big help for those who wanted to speak with their therapists frequently. Talkspace provides no limit to the number of messages that can be sent and received by the users, and it had a significant impact on those who need therapy because of the convenience that the program gives. The rising number of downloads made by Talkspace is also a proof that more people are becoming aware of the application and wanted to use it to their advantage. Time and money are just some of the elements saved when downloading the application because the users would no longer need to visit their therapists and spend money on gasoline. They could do it right inside their home, speaking with their assigned therapists anytime they wanted.


Aside from sending text messages, users can also communicate with their therapists through the use of images, videos, and sounds. According to experts, this would help the users to express themselves freely. Talkspace is slowly transforming the sector of mobile messaging, integrating medical services with a convenient platform. According to Oren Frank, he has plans of developing the application further so that more people will be able to use it. His primary goal as of the present is to promote the application to more people so that it could reach other countries and become a worldwide phenomenon.

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