Dr. Mark McKenna on following passion

When people talk of following passion, it is normally said like it is an easy thing. However, how many of us even know where our passion lies. It may take years before one realizes where the true passion is. In this period one will have tried different things to finally find out what really makes one happy and aggressive in life. It is not a mist that you have one passion in life. You can have different passions just like Dr. Mark McKenna. He has three years that he is passionate about. There is medicine, entrepreneurship and real estate. He has gone ahead and made them into one project which he calls OVME. This move makes him execute all of them together.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has built this idea into a company which he calls OVME. The company is about connecting people to medical care providers through technology. This is an important decision which has enabled hundreds of people to connect with professional healthcare providers. The Inspiration to join the medicine industry came from his father who was also a medical practitioner. When he joined the industry, he found out that he could do more than just practice medicine. He could bring technology closer to the industry. Dr. Mark Mckenna holds a degree in Medicine from Tulane University. Currently, he lives in Atlanta, where he practices. He has however maintained a close connection with his origin, New Orleans.

In New Orleans, Dr. Mark Mckenna has been supporting real estate investments. He has a company known as Venture Investments which offers real estate services in the area. Before h got fully involved in medicine, he took the time to build this real estate company. The company grew rapidly acquiring other small companies on the way until it became a top real estate company in the region that had attracted the best employees in the real estate industry. Dr. Mark McKenna however suffered losses after Hurricane Katrina wiped out almost every project he had done in the area. This hurricane coupled with other challenges in the sector such as mortgage crises made him abandon the real estate business. It is such factors that made him go back to medicine and try and make a life there since it was easier to succeed there than in the real estate industry.