Aloha Construction Wins the 2018 BBB Torch Award For Ethical Practices

Aloha Construction is a construction services company that is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It serves the residents of both Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company has been in operation for over a decade, and in that time it has grown from a small family business to one of the leading contractors in the region. The company is known for the high integrity of its workforce and its unrivalled safety record.

Aloha Construction was recently awarded the 2018 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethical Practices. The BBB Torch Award goes to those companies that have demonstrated exceptional ethical practices in their operations. The competition is tough and the screening rigorous. The winners are selected by an independent panel of judges. This year’s panel cited the company’s contributions to the local community as one of the main reasons it won.

People make Aloha Construction what it is. The company’s team of managers, field specialists and office administrators deliver high quality service to the home owners of Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

The company specializes in a variety of home construction and repair solutions. If you have trouble with your roofing, for instance, the company can dispatch a team immediately to your location. Once there, the team of professionals will be able to assess the source of the problem and get to work straightaway to resolve it.

Drainage system repair and replacement is also within the remit of the company. The drainage system is one of the most important parts of your house. It collects the rain water that falls on your roof and deposits it safely in a ground-based sewer. If your drain is rotted or broken, the water will fall onto the grounds around your house, causing the soil to erode. This can also lead to a significant increase in the dampness in your home, which is the number one cause of mold growth.

Aloha Construction can also help with the installation and replacement of doors, windows, and flooring. If you are thinking about renovating the inside of your house or upgrading the window and doors of your home, the company can help you with the job.

Aloha Construction Continues To Prove Why They Have Earned Their Outstanding Reputation:

Since 1996, the Better Business Bureau has been presenting its International Torch Award for Ethics to organizations that demonstrate a consistent commitment to being socially responsible and operating with a high degree of ethics towards their employees, customers and community. To become eligible, a business must operate within North America. They also must offer services and goods in the wholesale and retail markets.

Company’s that win the award meet certain criteria that include items such as their leaders showing that ethics are a top priority. This includes ethical practices in how they deal with their employees and customers. Commitment to community is one of the trademark qualities that an organization must demonstrate in order to become eligible for a Torch Award. The award is widely considered one of the greatest honors that a business can have bestowed on it.

Aloha Construction was founded in 2008 and serves the areas of southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The firm is family owned and operates within the sphere of general contractors. Aloha has developed a steadfast reputation for putting its customers first. The company’s employees are also treated in a grateful and respectful manner by company leadership. Employees at Aloha Construction often take up positions that are meant to be for the entirety of their working life.

This commitment to providing for the employment sustainability of its employees has gained the company much praise. Executives at Aloha Construction were thrilled when it was announced that the company would be a 2017 recipient of the Torch Award. BBB CEO Steve Bernas expressed his admiration for companies like Aloha Construction that put ethical business practices at the top of the list in regard to running their operations.

Aloha winning the Torch Award was largely due to the firm’s commitment to charitable activities outside of the company’s normal operations. The company’s commitment to philanthropic pursuits focused toward helping children was a huge factor working in Aloha Construction’s favor in receiving the award from the judges. Aloha Construction was a major player behind a toy drive that was launched for children who come from backgrounds of economic hardship.