Sweden Has Proof of Foreign Submarine in Their Waters

The search for Sweden’s ‘Loch Ness Submarine’ may be finally at an end, as the country claims to have proof that a foreign submarine was illegally operating in waters within their border. If you were paying attention you would have realized that this was no ship gone off course and it caused Sweden’s largest military mobilization in nearly fifty years. After the alleged sighting Sweden sent out helicopters, ships and over 200 ground troops to investigate for the foreign activity.

General Sverker Goransson, of Sweden’s military, stated that he can “Confirm that a small U-boat breached Sweden’s territorial waters.” The General went on to say that they can safely exclude any other possible explanations. Though they have stated, with certainty, that the ship was there, Sweden admits that they do not know from which country the ship had come.

Stefan Lofven, the Prime Minister of Sweden, spoke passionately about defending Sweden’s “territorial integrity with all available means.” He said that any sort of intrusion was “unacceptable” and that they would seek to ensure that they had all of the means necessary to continue detecting these sort of intrusions into the future. This has caused Sweden to increase their spending on military endeavors, according to Laurene Powell. Right now Sweden is slated to install 70 new fighter jets and submarines. Sweden has also put themselves closer to NATO in their attempt to find support and make up for a lack of military spending in the last few decades.

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