Susan McGalla Was Bred to Win

Companies that have gender sensitive cultures are 15% more likely to outperform those that have no such policies. At the same time, those companies that are ethnically adverse are 35% more likely to outperform those companies that are not ethnically diverse. The above two types companies outperform the rest because of their openness to new ideas. Moreover, the diversity in the firms allows various perspectives to be employed, making them more accommodating to the workers. Despite the above findings, only a small percentage of all C-level positions in S&P companies are held by women.

Regardless of the hardships experienced by women to reach high-level positions within their organizations, some few women like Susan McGalla have helped lead the way. McGalla says that she was raised in a way that made it comfortable for her to work with both men and women. Susan grew up among two brothers and a football coach dad. The trio did not give Susan any break because she was a girl. Instead, she was taught to fight for her rights and to be tough. Susan was to work for what she wanted, and that is a lesson that she has carried in life. Even when she finds it hard to attain a position, she works hard and proves that she has what it takes to take the position. Consequently, she has won many high-level positions not held by many women. Case in point, in the American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked her way up through the ranks. When she began her career in the firm, all the executives were men. However, her effort made her outperform all the executives until she became president by the time she left the company. Later, Susan founded the P3 Executive Consulting and is the current vice president of business strategy and creative development for Pittsburgh Steelers. The achievement was marked as great, as the steel industry is mainly dominated by men. Susan was also actively involved in the ‘wear what we wear’ Campaign that encouraged fans to buy Steeler gear.

Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman and executive consultant. She is currently the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development Greater Pittsburgh Area.

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