Susan McGalla Gives Women A Blueprint For Business Advancement

Susan McGalla is one of the finest executives in all of America, and she has built a career that any woman would envy. She is moving into a phase in here career where she wishes to mentor women, help them reach their goals and build their resumes. This article explains how a woman may change her career by using the steps that she has used in her career. Each tip allows women to grow in their careers in the best way possible.


#1: Be Forward


Women are encouraged to be forward when they make their way to the business world. They may not be accustomed to sharing their ideas because they have been in stifling environments, and they may learn how to speak up the older they get. There are quite a few women who will learn to be forward as a part of a new job, and they must keep sharing their ideas. Susan has a track record of offering input in her executive positions, and she knows that her ideas were often quite helpful.


#2: Go The Extra Mile


Women must be willing to do all that they can do to prove themselves in the office, and this often includes going the extra mile while working. Women who are taking on more responsibility are more likely to be promoted, and a woman who shows that she is willing to do more work will have more opportunities because they are willing to work.


#3: Change Industries When Needed


Women must be willing to change industries when they change jobs, and they may find that changing industries will help them get the jobs they need. They may move into a field they are not familiar with, but they may be well-suite for the work. Susan has found this to be the case in her own industry change, an she believes being open to new ideas makes women better able to find new positions.


The women’s job market is quite crowded, and Susan McGalla wants all women to see that there is a way to find success in business. Ladies must be willing to go much farther than their male counterparts, and they must ensure that they are sharing their ideas as much as possible. The work that they do will change their lives when they go outside their traditional sphere, and they will find satisfaction in work they may not have considered before.


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