Susan McGalla: An Inspiration for Aspiring Women Executives

Susan McGalla is an inspiration for all aspiring women executives, especially in the financial sector and consulting, with her innovative thinking and exceptional leadership. It should be noted that the financial world has a fewer presentation from women, and it is very less when it comes to the leadership level. This is where the importance of Susan McGalla’s success in the industry stands apart as she competed with her male counterparts and grown. Since childhood, she followed a policy of working and earning what she wanted – the factor that helped her to write significant success by holding various positions in a number of organizations. Wherever she worked, from American Eagle Outfitters to Pittsburgh Steelers, McGalla earned respect with her hard work and professionalism.

Though the success story of McGalla is quite inspiring, there are fewer success stories by women like her. It is not due to the dearth of talent, but women are not able to address some of the fundamental issues that are stopping a revolutionary change in the sector in favor of women. Interestingly, there are networks and initiatives by women that could make some impact and helped to change up to an extent; still, women hold only less than a quarter of the leadership roles in various companies around the world. It is identified that Executive Sponsorship is an effective solution in addressing the career needs of women. The women who are dedicated to their career should find an executive as a sponsor. The sponsor can collaborate with her and create opportunities for her to grow.

Susan McGalla is currently working as the vice president of The Pittsburgh Steelers with responsibilities of Creative Development as well as Business Strategy. She started her career with American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, served many roles, and became the CMO and President of the firm. McGalla also worked as an independent retail consultant and collaborated with Wet Seal.

Susan also has entrepreneurial experience as she ventured P3 Executive Consulting in 2013 to offer advisory services to financial services and retail industries. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing from the Mount Union College, before kick-starting the successful career.

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