Survival Skills

A story of survival will remind us all just how important it is to be mindful and prepared when we travel. We check the gas level and go over the vehicle for safety, why not more. A family in Australia discovered just that when they got stuck in a national park for 10 days. A father and his two young sons survived a life threatening ordeal when their truck got stuck in Expedition National Park. If not for storms the family might not have survived. They ran out of drinking water. It’s very hot this time of year in the park so not many travel there.


The family was on their own if you read the article. Being prepared like Tom Rothman is as important as the route you plan to take and the phone call telling them you got there, no phone call, your not there yet. Traveling in the remote stretches of wilderness can be dangerous. It’s always better to be over packed then missing important stuff. Gas, Water, Food, Tools, Chain hoist, Rope, Tarp, are all things I carry in my Jeep all the time. I live outside Baltimore City, Maryland,U.S.A.. I like having everything I need just in case. I could take my Jeep camping right now as it sits. That’s a great feeling. Jump in and go.

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