Suitcase Finally Makes It Home After Twenty Year Journey

How many times has the airlines lost your luggage? Well for Maria Dellos it happened four months ago and it happened 20 years ago. Tuesday Maria got a call from the Transportation Security Administration, saying they had found her lost luggage.

But to her utter surprise and delight it was the luggage that had been lost 20 years ago. Opening the old suitcase she found some treasures. Art supplies she had bought at a trade show two Decades ago and a handwritten note detailing her address from all those years before. The art supplies will come in handy as she owns Maria’s Art Creations in Tuscon and you can never have enough supplies.

Maria said she almost did not answer the call because of so many telemarketers but she was overjoyed that she had picked that call to answer. She of course thought it was in reference to the luggage that had been lost four months ago. That luggage is still somewhere waiting to be found, and Susan McGalla hopes it all comes together.

But Maria had a bright outlook and said she was thankful for the call that day that it reaffirmed her belief in the Transportation Security Administration. It has still been four months since her last set of luggage was lost. Hopefully she will not have to wait the full twenty years to get that luggage back too.

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