Successful Patron Pays for a Kind Waiter to Get His Teeth Fixed Because He Went Through a Similar Experience

This fun story out of Wichita, Kansas, brings a big, toothy smile to our faces during the Christmas season, which is a season of generosity. It was published four days ago here on Smile Sumo. In the Doo-Dah Diner, there is a server named Brian, who chose not to reveal his last name. Everyone loves Brian. Brian is a dependable, personable and skilled employee that excels at giving the patrons outstanding customer service. Brian, however extroverted he may seem, is extremely self-conscious about his teeth. His dental issues, which has been an affliction since he was young, causes his self-esteem to suffer. In fact, Brian had even said it causes him enormous amounts of pain. His life made a huge transformation when a man named Fred Boettcher came in with his family.

Click here to see a video of Brian before Fred Boettcher’s order and the amazing transformation after he served the Boettcher family.

Brian made a huge impression on his new customer. Fred Boettcher was blown away by Brian’s huge grin, and he felt Brian had a kind soul. After Brian took the family’s order, Fred Boettcher felt compelled to do something. Maybe he made his decision to change Brian’s life because the spirit of generosity hit him, or perhaps he chose to help Brian because growing and in his young adult years he knew exactly how Brian felt. Without even waiting for the meal to conclude, he went over to Brian and paid his bill, the tip and a $25,000 gift for Brian to fix his teeth and help heal his self-esteem. This story proves is still good, heart-warming and fun news in the world.

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