Stunned Wedding Couple Finds Photographer in Tree

The big day has arrived! You got your cake, wedding dress, the groom is in place, the venue is looking sharp, but your photographer is little to be desired, a reality that can lead to devastating consequences. When planning a wedding, it is safe to say that you check the credentials of every service you plan to use. You found the dress? Next, you ensure that other customers were satisfied with the craftsmanship, professionalism of the business, etcetera, by doing some research. The same process should be applied to finding a photographer, which is the case for satisfied newlyweds, Shaiz and Navya.


Upon discovering photographer, Vishnu of Whiteramp Photography, the couple knew that he would be as professional as he is talented, but they never expected his level of dedication when it came to capturing their perfect shots.


Surely Vishnu captured the standard photos: The bride and groom kissing, the couple cutting the cake, a few parents here and there, but the guests and couple never expected Vishnu to climb a tree and hang upside down to get the perfect angle for one particular shot. This surprise element delighted guests and the newlyweds, but also ended up being immensely beneficial for Vishnu’s career when the video of him doing so went viral three days later.


When realizing this newly acquired fame, the photographer offered some humble words, “I have taken photos from the top of trees before as well.” Though Shaiz and Navya admitted to being worried at first when Vishnu climbed the tree, they could not be more happy with their wedding pictures and those looking for a wedding photographer are sure to opt for Whiteramp Photography.


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