Stream Energy: Expands its Services into the Great State of Delaware

Delaware is one of the states in the northeastern portion of the United States which experiences freezing winters. The citizens have been asking for an energy provider that could provide them with cheap and affordable energy, especially during the winter months. A Dallas based energy company heard the plea from the citizens of Delaware, and now, they decided to set up their operations in the state and provide a cheap alternative to the people who have been longing for affordable energy supply. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase. Stream Energy is a Dallas based direct selling company which offers a massive number of services, including their newly created Energy Services that would provide affordable energy to areas where they operate. Aside from Energy Services, the company also offers wireless home services and protective home services. They decided to choose Delaware on their expansion project, because of the rising demand for their services in the area. Stream Energy is relatively new to the market, being established in August 2004, but they wanted to show their competitors that they are keen on providing what the customers wanted. This is the second expansion of Stream Energy in 2017, and Delaware is the eighth state in the company’s list of areas for operation. View the Company reviews at

Stream Energy is hoping that they can open satellite offices in other states, offering their products and services to the public. The expansion of Stream Energy is focused on the eastern portion of the United States, where more people lives and more demand for energy exists. Before they could operate in Delaware, Stream Energy had to make sure that all of their papers are ready to go. Once the government already greenlighted their activities, they are free to do whatever they want inside Delaware. According to Larry Mondry, the company’s current president and CEO, he is very grateful for the warm welcome of the people of Delaware. He stated that he is not expecting the people to be very accommodating, and he loved the fact that they have been requesting for Stream Energy to operate inside their state because of their affordable and reliable products and services.


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