Stephen Murray Was The Key to Success

Stephen Murray was the type of investor and deal maker that wherever he went, he made smart moves and made the company better. He took great pride in that fact. In his mind, when someone is hiring him or putting him in charge of something, he wants to prove them right.

He did not have a chip on his shoulder whatsoever, but he took great pride in the work that he did and the way he went about doing it. He believed there was a right way and a wrong way to conduct business. He always followed things the right way and saw them through until the end. He never, ever gave up on something.

That is why so many of his friends and family are saddened by his death. He was such a positive person and had such a positive aura about him. When you were around him, you could just feel it and notice it. Certain people walk into a room and when they walk into a room, they light up the room and they make everyone in that room feel better and more confident about themselves.

Stephen Murray knew the right words to say, but he meant them. He didn’t just say them because he thought that was what people wanted to hear. He meant them from the bottom of his heart. He was as real as they come.

Of course, he was known for his work as president and chief executive of CCMP Capital. Murray played a big role in the success of JP Morgan’s merchant bank in 1989, and this was shortly after he received his master’s degree from Columbia Business School.

It showed that he was ready to work right away and he was ready to put his best foot forward. He didn’t need any adjustment period. He played a pivotal role in their growth.

With CCMP Capital, he helped them in terms of how they were viewed by investors and perhaps his biggest accomplishment was the fact CCMP raised a $33.6 billion fund last year. That is nothing short of amazing.

Although, anyone that has ever met Stephen Murray should not be surprised to hear this. This was how he operated, how he worked, and the type of success that came with him everywhere he went. He leaves behind four children, but one thing is for sure: they can be proud of their dad and all that he left behind.

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