Stan Lee Honored with Handprint Ceremony in Hollywood

Stan Lee is the man you can currently thank for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Stan lee is the most legendary comic book writer of all time and the creator of the biggest super heroes that the world has ever seen. His work alongside Marvel in creating the ultra popular Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go down as the thing of legend once the franchises are all wrapped up and complete. At 94 years old Stan Lee is going to start taking a smaller and smaller workload every year and Hollywood was sure to honor him for his efforts. Lee was recently honored with a Handprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the TLC Chinese Theatre.

Stan lee’s Walk of Fame ceremony was attended by some of the biggest of the big figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among those attending the event were James Gunn (Writer/Director for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), Kevin Feige (Marvel Studio Boss), and a host of actors including Chadwick Boseman and Clark Gregg. Lee spoke at the event, albeit in short form, and made sure to thank everyone who had supported him along the way. Lee is notorious for his wit, even at 94, and he said during his ceremony: “If I had known I was so good, I’d have asked for a raise.” Lee received this honor after recently being awarded another high honor at the Disney D23 Expo the weekend prior where he was confirmed as a ‘Disney Legend’ alongside Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Stan Lee is one of the highest grossing actors of all time thanks to his numerous cameos in every Marvel Cinematic movie. He is also one of the most highly decorated comic book writers to ever walk the planet and has been credited as saving the industry.

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