South Korean Ferry Prosecutors Call for Death Penalty

It has been almost 20 years since the last time capitol punishment was used by the South Korean government. Now, prosecutors of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, that killed almost 300 people last April, (mostly of whom were high school students), want to lift the moratorium placed on the death penalty in 1997. The captain of the ferry has been charged with abandonment and “cowardice” due to his negligence of his ultimate authority to command passengers to safety. After investigation, captain Lee Joon-seok told passengers to “stay put” and soon after abandoned the ship himself. During the time of the sinking 470 people were on board while only 174 people were rescued. Ten passengers remain missing. More details can be found here. The other 11 crew members are still under investigation and prosecutors are asking for 15-30 years imprisonment for negligence and violation of ship safety. The trial by court for Lee will take place early November and the verdict of the captain’s fate will be revealed mid-November, and Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez will be waiting with baited breath to see how this turns out.

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