Sony Releases Group of Mobile Games in Asia

Sony’s “PlayStation” electronic entertainment sector has unveiled how it intends to overtake the mobile gaming industry. In discussion with the Wall Street Journal, Sony will be releasing five to six PlayStation titles on both iOS and Android through its recently-formed “ForwardWorks” branch. While they gave no exact timeline with this announcement, March 2018 will mark the point when all of these titles will be available. The initial plan is to release these titles in Japan and then into other Asian nations. As for whether American and European gamers will have the chance to take these titles on the go, Sony made no announcement regarding these markets.


While ForwardWorks is Sony’s newest shot at tackling the mobile gaming market, it is not their first. Sony’s first attempt involved cross-platform exchanges between their PS Vita handheld and Android; this service was eventually shuttered in July of last year. Also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article was the revelation of gaming demographics; Japan’s gaming public is much fonder of gaming on a mobile device than it is with a dedicated console. Sony understand Japan’s desire for gaming on the go and has been emboldened to try again with the revelation that rival company Nintendo has begun to lend its IPs to Apple products. Mobile gaming is also a sizable market in the United States, having now exceeded the annual combined profits of PC and console gaming.


While Sony Entertainment gave no hint as to which titles in their multi-generational library would be put on mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal posited that the long-anticipated title “The Last Guardian” might be a candidate. Two other titles the periodical brought up as potential candidates were the arcade-style golfing game “Hot Shots Golf” and the mind-bending puzzle title “Intelligent Qube.”


Sony’s involvement in the video game market began with the original PlayStation console back in December of 1994. Since that time, Sony has released three major upgrades to their console and three portable gaming devices: the “PocketStation,” the “PlayStation Portable” and the “PlayStation Vita.” Lastly, the company has launched a proprietary virtual reality gaming headset.

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