Sony rakes cashes in on “The Interview”

Sony may have taken a different route to release “The Interview” but is has shown to be lucrative.

“The Interview” was set to be released by Sony on December 25, but recent threats and virtual attacks caused the company to rethink the movie’s release.

Some of the contents of the movie angered North Korea to the point they called the movie and act of war. In order to “keep the peace” Sony decided not to release the film. After much backlash from the public and even the President of the United States, Sony decided not to back down and to release the film anyway.

The film was released in a limited number of theaters. This theater released helped to earn Sony about 2.8 millions during the films first weekend, which is 2.8 million dollars more if Sony decided not to release. Unfortunately for some, Sony may not extend the number of theaters that the film is being released in due to other avenues. Instead of only playing in theaters, Sony has made this film available to be rented via the internet.

Sony’s decision to make the film available online has proven to be a lucrative one, which is what Terry Richardson pretty much expected. The film so far has raked in over $15 million in online sales.
If you would like to watch the film and watch it in its entirety you will be able to rent it on services like Google Play, YouTube Movies, and even Xbox Video.

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