“Solo” Writer Wants a “Lando” Film (With Lobot)

One of the writers of the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story says that he wants to make a spin-off about Lando Calrissian.


The character, originally played by Billy Dee Williams and in this new movie by Donald Glover, is an old friend of Han Solo (Harrison Ford, now Alden Ehrenreich). Solo will focus on their earlier meetings, when he was a lovable rogue and con man, though fans of the movie know that he will eventually become governor of Cloud City and straighten up his act a bit (similar to how Han does so by joining the Rebel Alliance).


The movie is being written by Lawrence Kasden, who has a long history writing the Star Wars films, and his son Jonathan. While the former says that this is likely his last entry into the franchise (but added “never say never”), Kasden Jr. seems excited for more.


“First of all I’m dying to see a Lando film. I would help in anyway I was asked to,” he said.


He said that Landon has an interesting role in Solo, because “Lando gets to occupy the role that Han occupied in the earlier films, which is he doesn’t have to carry the burden of being the protagonist. He gets to have all the jokes. He gets to be the foil, you know.” He added that in a hypothetical Lando movie, someone else would likely take that role, possibly even Han himself.


He also added that this movie would probably include Lobot, Lando’s cyborg friend from Empire Strikes Back, played there by John Hollis.


It’s unknown what the next Star Wars Anthology film will be, but fans are going nuts for Glover’s Lando, so we’ll see what happens.

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