Skout Being Used To Meet New Friends And Not Just Dates

Social media and dating websites have risen to new popularity.  However, sometimes you’re not looking for a date, but just a new group of friends that you can hang out with.  That’s where Skout has become increasingly popular.  More and more people are utilizing the service to find new groups of friends, outside of their original circles.  Plus it’s been perfect for those looking for friends while on vacation, or especially when moving to a new area.

Forget about Tinder or Facebook, or even the casual friends you’ve met on Twitter, and say hello to Skout. The relatively new app that is slowly taking over the internet. Founded in 2007 by Christian Wikilund as direct competition to Loopt and Whirl. These were the original location based apps in the days before Facebook or even Google maps would request access to your location. In fact during Google charged $.40 just for a look up. It might as well have been the dark ages compared to the norm today.

Fast forward to 2014 where Skout it quickly becoming the biggest dating/connect with new people app around. Adding around 40 -50 thousand new users every day, not to mention the 22 million dollars the company has risen in order to just about every international market you can think of.It’s pretty apparent that Skout is here to stay! So what makes this app so special anyway?

Well for starters it has a massive community so there is no lack in finding others. On average day on the app you find a pretty steady stream of photos called a Buzz coupled with a multitude of good chatting buddies, flirtatious or otherwise. So no worrying about going on and finding a desolate waste land of spam and users that haven’t been on in several years.

Which takes us to the second reason this app rocks, it’s not all about the flirting. In fact only a mere 20% of the app is used for dating or flirting. Skout is actually primarily utilized as a means to meet new friends. Although it’s worth noting that a lot of these are self serving and probably still be based upon looks, though considering the size of the community this shouldn’t remotely be an issue.

Furthermore the app is very accessible. With apps being available for both android and apple phones in their respected stores. A windows app version was also announced November 17th, so expect that to be yet another platform they will conquer, especially considering that they are creating other apps like Fuse as well.

All in all this app rocks. There are so many features it will blow your mind. Everything from being able to like and drop comments to delivering virtual gifts, and even viewing backstage photos which you can unlock with in app-credits. Skout is very well designed to encourage interaction between its numerous users.

What Tinder and Facebook can do Skout can do better. With tens of thousands of new users every month you are practically guaranteed to meet new people with in a short span of time. Whether you are looking for your next hookup or girl/boyfriend, or just a new friend to chat with, this app has them all plus more. Skout will help you with its immense arsenal of features from comments and likes to sending virtual gifts to your new best friend, Skout is the app for you. No app can brag about growing such a big fan base in such a short span of time. With a mere 30 million messages being send a month last year to adding almost 100 thousand people a week. If you haven’t hopped aboard the Skout train now is the time to do it!

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