Sisters Give Life After a Near Death Experience

There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a baby. However, for many people, having a child is a dream that they never see fulfilled. When 28-year-old Randi Fishman was diagnosed with double breast cancer, she thought her chances of having a child were slim. Still hopeful, she had 11 embryos frozen for the future. After being given a clean bill of health, the cancer came back. She once again found herself fighting for her life.

More than anything, Fishman longed to be a mom. However, the higher than average estrogen levels that pregnancy calls put her life at risk for a third battle with cancer. It was a risk she wasn’t willing to take. In 2013, Fishman used a surrogate in Wisconsin to have her first child, Parker, which was born in 2014.

Erin Silverman was Fishman’s oldest sister. She wanted to give Parker a brother or sister. Since she was done having her children, she thought it was the perfect time to be a surrogate for her sister. With only two viable eggs left, the chances were slim that the process would be a success.

As a busy mother of two, the kindness that Silverman showed was overwhelming. Yet, when she was asked about her generosity, she stated that it was only ten months out of her life and that she would do anything to help her sister. They prayed as the last two embryos were implanted. Thankfully, it was a success.

In December of 2017, Austyn Harli was born. The pregnancy was a difficult one, and at one-point things looked bad. The placenta had a bleed during the third-trimester, and high blood pressure became a huge issue. She was put on bed rest and was induced three weeks early. Thankfully, the baby was healthy. Helping her sister was the most significant gift she could have given her.

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