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Tv personnel and comedian, Sheryl Underwood, announced on the Steve Harvey show that she has been enjoying the many benefits of the Dherbs cleanse, such as weight loss and greater energy. She stated that she started the program at the beginning of the week and has already managed to shed a whopping 5 pounds. In addition to the Dherbs cleanse, Sheryl had been increasing her water intake, exercising with a personal trainer and making better food choices. A modified diet is an essential element of the detox program.


Sheryl jokingly referred to the program as “Da Herbs” and mentioned her anxiety about attending an event at the Plaza Hotel in the near future. She stated that it would be difficult to resist the copious amounts of food and wine that would be available. However, she was determined to stick to the Dherbs program regardless.


Sheryl Underwood is not the only individual who has had success with the program. Steve Harvey featured a guest on his show by the name of Pastor Hosea Collins that had undergone the detox 6 times to drop enough weight to undergo a kidney transplant surgery to save his wife’s life. Steve Harvey and his wife have also undergone the program and achieved great success.


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