Shervin Pishevar Rattles the Market

As one of the earliest investors in companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Tumblr, Shervin Pishevar has consistently guessed correct regarding promising startup companies. This ability has been described by some as teetering on the verge of clairvoyance, and because of this, his opinions regarding future investments, as well as the state of the stock market, are not generally taken lightly. With social media steadily becoming a more significant presence in our everyday lives, business such as Shervin Pishevar often utilize the platform in order to communicate with their audiences, and after a short absence from public view, he did just that. Shervin Pishevar’s return to Twitter commenced in epic fashion, as he began firing off a series of tweets that would span a full 24-hour period and total in at 50 posts. During this session, which many are referring to as a “tweetstorm,” Shervin Pishevar discussed a number of topics that are sure to shape the future of the United States, should they come to fruition.

The future of the stock market was one of the standout topics that Shervin Pishevar chose to discuss. During his posting session, he stated that he believes the stock market is due to take an epic tumble, with losses amounting to around six thousand points. While some, such as the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who has publicly backed the stock market, may have been taken off guard by Mr. Pishevar’s predictions, the stock market had already been underperforming for the better part of the year. The day after Mr. Pishevar concluded his flurry of posts, the Dow Jones showed signs of taking the path of his prediction, proceeding to lose in excess of one thousand points, much of that damage accruing in less than an hour. The result of this massive loss was a general feeling of panic throughout the markets. Mr. Pishevar would go on to confront the president through Twitter, condemning his public position to so vigorously champion the stock market. Much of the initial damage to the stock market has been a result of Treasury auctions that have proven to be of a sub-par standard, as well as a number of sell-offs.

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