Services offered by Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia

The Infinity Group Australia offers coaching and financial services to a diverse clientele. However, most clients are individuals with bank loans. The organization was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. They observed that the lack of financial assistance subjected debtors to numerous financial struggles. The decision to create the organization was also prompted by the realization that lending offers unsustainable deals to their customers. It holds that debtors spend most of their income offsetting accrued amounts while the principal owed remains untouched.




The Infinity Group Debt Reduction Model is regarded as being an ideal tool in empowering debtors to reduce their debts levels, secure their future as well as attain financial freedom. Although many loans extend to over ten years, Graeme Holm is optimistic that the loans can be cleared in less than seven years with access to the right financial assistance services. Holm has collaborated with other individuals to create a diverse team. The operations of Infinity Group Australia are also customer-centric and have seen the organization being ranked as the most innovative in the industry by the Australian Financial Review.




Graeme Holm contributions to Infinity Group Australia




The success of the organization can be attributed to the unique leadership approaches adopted by Graeme Holm. He is a committed, transformative and adheres to strict work ethics. Over the years, Holm has had a successful career in the Australian loan and financial market. He is driven by the desire to positively transform the community and financially empower the Infinity Group Australia clients. While many organizations are only keen on maximizing the profit levels, Graeme is committed to creating positive and empowering relationships with the customers.




Graeme Holm was born in Illawarra and exhibited his love for sporting activities at an early age. He played for the Illawarra league but later quit football after a physical injury. His career in various banks implies that he has an improved understanding of how banks work. The failure by lending institutions to offer education and guidance to the customers implies that they are left venerable. Rather than helping customers complete their loans on time, banks are keen on increasing the interest rates due to defaults. Holm and Walker combined their skills and passion and formed an innovative model that has helped address the issues in the loan market. They also offer personal bankers that guide clients on loan repayment processes.




Graeme Holm created Infinity Group Australian because he saw that many financial institutions were taking advantage of their customers. While banks try to look friendly to the people, behind closed doors, they are planning on using the customers” ineptness to make the right financial management decisions to their advantage. The plan is always to have the customers spend as much time as possible repaying the loan so that they can generate profits from it in terms of interest. This matter did not sit down well with Holm and that is why he decided to look for alternatives ways of helping the people to deal with the financial management. Learn more :


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