Securus Technologies Continues To Provide Answers

It really was just a matter of time before Securus Technologies did it again. This time, they made life better for everyone by creating a product that makes things easier and more efficient. A leader in civil and criminal justice technology answers for issues involving, public safety, investigation, monitoring and connecting people among many others, this latest announcement must have administrators dancing.

The product and service is called ConnectUs, and it is a better way of handling Inmate Forms and Grievance applications. Anyone in corrections, and especially those in administration departments within corrections facilities will gladly share the cumbersome amount of paperwork needed, for almost everything.

A recent article from PRNewsWire announcing this Securus tool, details more about the process. Securus Technologies continues to utilize technology in ways that have real life and real time benefits for real people.

As with every product created and designed (with the possible use within corrections facilities being considered), monitoring and controlling aspects of inmate interaction has been built in. Those who govern these facilities can determine and dictate what access an inmate has and doesn’t have through the ConnectUs platform.

Only the latest in a long line of industry leading, creative and effective technology based products and services, ConnectUs expects to be merely another step in the legacy Securus is building. Servicing over 1.2 million inmates, their friends and families and working with well over 3,000 safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies Securus has become part of the corrections industry landscape. So don’t be surprised if they continue to change the face of that landscape – again.


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