Scandal : The Newest Lime Crime Velvetine


Lime Crime is one of the most popular lipstick brands. Loved for its unicorn colors, this lipstick brand is on a league of its own. The brand has grown from a mere EBay account to a full-range company that has its own website. Lime crime, owned by Doe Deere was started in the year 2004. Then, it was only an EBay account. Four years later saw the brand being launched and in the year 2009, their first unicorns were produced.



When the year 2012 came knocking, Lime Crime ensured that velvetines were introduced to Velvetines came with a crazy range of colors. And, in a recent press release, Lime Crime announced an addition to its Velvetines, Scandal. According to Doe Deere these new addition is like all other Lime Crime products. It is 100% in tandem with vegan requirements.



With a concentrated purple-violet, Scandal is the perfect velvetine for every girl who loves to pout. The purple no only adds a sexy sassy appeal, it also shows people that you are in control. Scandal is bound to be the new trend and every girl will want to lay lips on it.



Doe Deere advises on the Lime Crime blog that Scandal should be worn with a black liner if one is to have a maximum don’t-care effect. This is the dream-lipstick for every punk or gothic girl. Further talking on how to make the new velvetine pop, Deere advised that one pats a good lip balm 15 minutes before they can put on Scandal. Scandal can be removed when your day is done and you want to rest natural. Just use a fad of oil or waterproof makeup remover and voila.



Just like most velvetiness under the Lime Crime profile, Scandal will be going for $20.00. To learn more about Scandal and other velvetiness by Lime Crime, feel free to visit their website We hope that this velvetiness is as successful as the rest. To ensure that the public enjoys new products from these company, Doe Deere always ensures that she is the first to test it. If she likes it, then she releases it and hope that businesses and individuals will be thrilled too.  See pictures of Lime Crime’s Scandal Velvetine line in action on Facebook, or see where you can buy it for yourself on UrbanOutfitters.


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