SahmAdrangi’s Well- Calculated Financial Steps

SahmAdrangi has been known for short selling companies. Currently, he is the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. The company has been involved in a lot of moves when it comes to short selling companies. One unique factor about it is that it always makes its steps public and provides the necessary evidence. The company went down in history for raising an estimated $100 million from investors. The capital raised was for the sole purpose of betting against one single stock. Most often, firms will raise money to rescue a company that’s not doing well financially or for merging purposes.

Adrangi wrote an email addressing the investors and explaining on how they intended on going about the whole process. Their focus was on analysis and involvement in coming up with detailed reports and videos to back up their thesis. After that huge announcement, Kerrisdale went ahead and started buying into the company’s stock. All this was under SahmAdrangi. He has contributed towards the firm’s success and bold financial moves. Regardless of its size, it has been able to take on larger companies.

His journey began at Yale University where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. His experiences started at Deutsche Bank and worked as an analyst. He then shifted to Chanin Partners where he was an analyst for the firm involved in bankruptcy restructuring for companies. From Chanin, he went to Longacre Fund Management as an analyst too. All these years’ experience prepared Adrangi such that he founded Kerrisdale Capital Management. With a capital of less than $1 million, he started off, and the company has grown gradually. Adrangi has been involved in short stocking various companies engaged in fraud-related activities. He made use of investigators who would be involved in finding out more details about a specific firm he suspected of not being legitimate.

Adrangi is known for always putting up information of such companies. Additionally, he has been involved in detailed research on particular companies and providing evidence to the public for any move Kerrisdale makes. He has done an exemplary job at Kerrisdale and is a definition of somebody who is not afraid of taking risks.

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