Royals Heading To NYC For First Time

Whenever royalty from England decides to go to a new place, there is always going to be quite a bit of fanfare following them around. That is the case for Prince William and Kate, especially since they are heading to New York City. This is the 1st time they are going to the city, and quite a few people are anxious to see them in person.


There are a lot of reasons why people are very infatuated with the Royal Family. Even though they do not have the same type of power as in the past, they are still able to command quite a crowd. People are anxious to see if they are able to fully take in the sight of September 11, and they’re also going to do some other appearances as well.


This might not be a very long trip to the United States, but people at Slow Ventures will be tuning in to see if they make any public appearances or get caught by the paparazzi while in the United States. It is always crazy when in New York City.

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