Ron Howard Narrates Star Wars

Narration and Ron Howard go together about as well as Star Wars and spin-off material, so it’s a wonder no one had thought to combine them before now.

Last year, Ron Howard, known for his role as Opie Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” and as the narrator, producer and occasional actor for “Arrested Development”, was announced to be the director for the Star Wars spin-off movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. The film, set to premier on May 25 of 2018, will star a younger Han Solo and go into detail on how he became the man he was in the original “Star Wars” film from 1977.

To commemorate both his newest film as well as the return of “Arrested Development” on the streaming platform Netflix, Howard took to the microphone to give insight into exactly what the Skywalker family were thinking during their adventures in the first film.

A new three minute long episode of Lucasfilm’s “The Star Wars Show” titled “Arrested Development: Star Wars with Ron Howard!” was dedicated to his performance, narrating the lives of the different characters and going into humorous detail as to how they “really” felt about things and summarizing events in a deadpan or slightly satirical tone, mimicking the style he uses on the sitcom. There’s even a tease at the end for a potential second installment covering the next film in the series.

While the possibility of an “Arrested Development” parody for Episode V and even VI might still be possible, things are less certain about the other movies in the franchise. Like with the offer to direct “The Phantom Menace”, Howard might pass on these videos, too.

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