Rocketship Education: Helping Students Reach For The Stars

Success is built on a strong foundation. That foundation is a solid education, from there anything is possible. Noone believes that more than Rocketship Education, a pioneering charter school operating in three states as well as the District of Columbia. This Nonprofit was established in 2006. Rocketship Education’s mission is to develop a sustainable educational program that combats the destructive achievement gap in underserved communities. They believe that every child can achieve greatness with the right tools and support.

This program hopes to use the community to support children’s education. They begin with building a community at school, encouraging students to refer to themselves as rocketeers. This serves two purposes, the first to drive a connection between the school and the children and the second to remind children that if they work hard they are capable of new heights. The instructors are also encouraged to create specialized learning plans for each student. These plans should be centered around the student’s strengths and help combat their weaknesses. Further, teachers are instructed to get families involved in the student’s education.

However it easy, there are a plethora of unique challenges faced by these communities, for instance, the devastation left behind by natural disasters often leave disadvantaged communities helpless. Members of these communities struggle with figuring out how to move forward without their most basic possessions. The most affected are young children who are uprooted and often have to go without. This struggle, if prolonged can have a devastating impact on their ability to engage with their education. This is one of many factors that contribute to the achievement gap that Rocketship is dedicated to eliminating. Realizing this the institution rushed to help the families in need after a flood hit one of the communities they serve. They reached out to local charities and in the partnership were able to raise over $62,000. This money was quickly applied to reliving the pressure felt by victims. This gesture surprised many parents of students as they never expected to receive so much support back. This proved to them how dedicated Rocketship was to their student’s success.


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