Robotics Expert Uses New Technology to Rescue Puppy

A miraculous rescue recently occurred in New Delhi India. Local resident Milind Raj works in the artificial intelligence industry. He spends his days building robotic arms and other parts at his Lucknow lab. His expertise was put to the test in this emergency rescue situation.

He was out for his daily walk when he heard a slight whimper. Milind eventually discovered a puppy that was trapped in a dangerous situation. The beige and brown puppy was stuck in a drainage tunnel between two streets. As it continued to cry, Milind rushed back to his Lucknow lab to find a solution. He began to construct a quick fix with his robotic supplies.

Luckily, he had a robotic arm controlled by artificial intelligence. He also happened to have a large drone. Milind attached the arm to the drone in hopes of using it to rescue the puppy. He had recently built both devices himself. The arm had a smart heartbeat monitor to make sure the hand grip wouldn’t squeeze too tightly and ensure the puppy wasn’t overly stressed. To him, it was worth the risk to save the dog’s life.

The drain was murky and unsafe for people to enter. The poor puppy had been stuck there for over two days. Sick and thirsty, it didn’t have much time. After six hours in his lab, he finally had all the parts assembled. This is when the rescue operation commenced.

As bystanders gathered, Milind Raj put his devices to work. He lowered the drone and arm down into the drain. Once the puppy was safely secured in the robotic arm’s grasp, Milind was able to begin the drone’s ascent. He slowly lifted the puppy out of the drain. The drone carried the puppy across the street to his lab and gently dropped it on the ground. The puppy immediately ran up to Milind as if to thank him! It suffered a few fits of vomiting but thankfully had no serious health complications.

This innovator and his machines provided the life-saving escape the puppy needed. This new technology could mean that many more animals are saved from situations just like this. The puppy is currently living at Milind’s home and getting some

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