Robot Does A Shift Of Burger Flipping

There is now a robot that can do at least some of the work that used to be done by service industry human beings. A robot affectionately called Flippy has just completed its first shift flipping hamburgers. The result? It was able to flip three-hundred hamburgers in an hour.

The robot was working with the regular human staff at CaliBurger in California says the Mirror Online. Thus far, Flippy has only been tested in this one location, but there are plans to expands it use to other areas such as the United Kingdom in the not so distant future. If that is to come to pass, then there could literally be thousands upon thousands of customers served by the hand of a robot soon.

These are the kind of things that we always used to talk about as being part of some science-fiction future. However, technology does change quickly and brings us new ideas and possibilities much faster than we would ever have imagined. Right now it is a robot that can flip hamburgers, but it could be something much more impressive in the future.

Most could not have imagined even ten years ago that we would be looking at robots that could do as many tasks as we have set them up to do at this point. However, that is the point that we have reached as a species. We have decided to outsource a lot of the work that we used to handle ourselves to our robot friends. Lets all just hope that we don’t put ourselves out of business in the process. Making life easier is one thing, but getting rid of jobs that people really do need is something else. We need to try to stick to the later if possible.

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