Rick Smith Efforts at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that enhances communication between inmates and their loved ones. Rick Smith has served in this company with much dedication to ensuring right services are rendered to people with loved ones in prison. He has been CEO of the company since 2008, and the position could not suit him any better. With his fascinating experience and many exceptional qualities, he has met all the required attributes for overseeing the firm. Smith’s leadership qualities are of integrity and rich wisdom. His background holds admirable experiences which automatically polishes his reputation.He has established the company in aid of inmates, and the company serves more than a million inmates in North America and almost 3,000 companies linked to the law.

Rick’s Rise to Success

Most of what Rick is today is as a result of education. Smith’s education is remarkable. He studied his bachelor’s degree in engineering at New York University and proceeded with his masters in engineering at the same institution. He acquired an MBA from the University of Rochester.Rick Smith has been incredibly active most of his life and won’t stop at anything. During his early life, between the year 1972 and 1998, he committed himself to Global Crossing North America with his position being the controller and Chief information controller. His effort put his name under important titles for various companies. As if his resume could not get any better, he worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and during this time, the profit graph of the company shot up.His stay at all these companies he worked at was legendary. In 2007, he left the Eschelon Telecom Inc. to join Securus Tech. He was named chairman, and he leads the company to great victories against other competing companies globally. Their investments have been noted to be on the rise.

Great Future for Securus Technologies

Securus’ Chairman and CEO states that the company is a stable and reliable investment. It comes in handy to correctional facilities in law enforcement and solving crimes. This could provide leads on pending and unsolved cases, save a large multitude targeted on certain attacks, among other ugly situations that could be plotted by people attached to locked up criminals. Richard Smith praises Securus Tech with the reference of customers who are appreciating their services through emails and letters. It is incredible how big the crowd receiving help from Securus is and airing their comments hence creating a market for those unaware of it! The company has ensured the inmates, and their loved ones are provided with protection. Smith sees to it that the service provided is satisfactory to the majority. Securus has been serving its purpose for decades and believes in safety for all to render their services to people in good conditions.

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