Richard Mishaan’s Amazing Designs

Richard Mishaan is all the time expected to be at of any list when you want to come up with names of the best designers and architects in the world. This reason is due to the taste of Mr. Richard Mishaan in architecture and interior design which still remains irrefutable. Well known because of his impressive artworks, Richard has currently created his name and a unique styling signature a world brand and a marvel to design and art enthusiasts.

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia and partially raised in Italy. His great passion for architecture and design were evident due to the fact that at a very early age, he normally found them enchanting. His great desire to be among the creators of spectacular designs propelled him to go to Columbia University in the school of architecture which then created a way for him to join New York University to study BA and learn more about Richard Mishaan Designs.

Mr. Mishaan has over the years mastered the art of combining his skills and knowledge of interior design, fashion, and architecture to create the most impressive spaces in the world. Currently, Mishaan has written two great books about architecture and design. The two books are called “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern” and were published by Monacelli Press and more information click here.

Richard’s design is commonly known in the world of interior design for the exquisite luxury designs for both the residential and commercial customers. The exquisite work quality of Mishaan recommended him to a work of presidential suite designing at St. Regis Hotel. It is due to that reputation of excellent work that has earned him a place on the A-list of Elle Décor for 3 years consecutively. The work of Mishaan has a unique signature that makes him stand out in the industry and people don’t get over his work. Regardless of changes in the design trend, Richard Mishaan design is always on the forefront and resume him.

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