Revealing The Crossover Character From ‘The Walking Dead’ To ‘Fear the Walking

There have been rumors doing rounds about the character who will be switching from the ‘Walking Dead’ to the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ when the latter debuts its season four in the late spring of 2018. Following news on the ‘Talking Dead’ episode that was watched by most of the show’s loyal fans on Sunday night, Morgan-a character played by Lennie James- has been revealed to be the one to exit the season eight of the ‘ Walking Dead’ ad reappear on the season four of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ when the show starts in 2018.

It was revealed that James will continue appearing on ‘The Walking Dead’ season eight that just finished filming in Atlanta last week and crossover to Texas where he will begin filming for the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season four on Monday. The details about the story that will facilitate the crossover to the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ as Morgan exits his former role as a safe keeper at the Kingdom and go to the west where the characters in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ reside are not yet out.

Morgan seemed to be dealing with post traumatic stress in his last appearance where he went on killing everyone to convince the Saviors and was also at loggerheads with Jesus as they kept differing on whether they should kill the prisoners they took during the battle or not. The excutive producer of ‘The Walking Dead’ Scott M. Gimple reiterated that even if Morgan is crossing over to the ‘Fear the Walking’, he still has a lot of story left on The Walking Dead’.

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