Rescued Dog Returns Love

Madison Palm already knew that her cogi was a very special dog. She says that the dog is content to lay in her lap for hours, but if she is unavailable, then she is content to lay in the lap of the closest individual. Yet, it was not until a recent layover at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport that she realized the special gift that the cogi had to comfort others.

Palm was at the airport with her dog named Cora when the dog snuck away from her. She realized that the dog had gone over to a man who was seated nearby. When Palm went to retrieve her dog, she apologized to the man who was already reaching down to pet Cora. She found out that the man’s own dog had passed away the night before, and he was enjoying petting Cora very much while he grieved.

Palm says that she now plans to have Cora trained and certified by the American Kennel Club as a therapy dog. She says, however, that what makes Cora even more amazing is her forgiving spirit. A co-worker told Palm about Cora when she was at work one day. Palm immediately made contact and soon was on the way to pick up Cora who was accused of killing her previous owner’s chickens. Once she arrived, she found that Cora was extremely thin and had never been loved. Instead, she had been thrown in a backyard and the only food she got were scraps from her owner’s table.

Palm knew that she could not leave Cora in those conditions, so she loaded her into her car that day. Palm had a problem, however, because she already owned a dog, and her landlord would not allow her to own two. Palm moved just to save the dog.

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