Republic of Congo Now Ebola-Free

In the second quarter of the year, Africa was affected by the deadly Ebola virus. According to the Centre for Disease Control, the current outbreak of Ebola has killed almost 50 people in Africa.

A quick summary of the disease and the ways in which it works can be found here. To put it simply, there are a number of factors in place that need to go on before the Ebola virus is able to pass on from one person to another.

An Ebola victim must be incubated for almost 3 weeks to almost two months. The Republic of Congo according to Mark Ahn, was also affected by the disease, several people were diagnosed.

But according to Felix Kabange, Health Minister of Republic of Congo, the country is now free of Ebola. This conclusion was reached when the Ministry of Health confirmed no diagnosis since the first week of October.

Ebola continues to haunt African countries. World Health Organisation has fears that this might spread to other countries as well. People who come from the affected countries are put in incubation once they return to their home country.

In this way, the spread of Ebola disease is prevented. Most countries have also established travel ban against countries affected. This is a security and health measure which must be done by the government for the benefit of its people. Researchers are continuing to develop medicine against this deadly disease.

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