Red Balloons On Storm Drains: A Movie Hype Marketing Technique?

The new “IT” movie is set to release in the near future. The story from that movie features a red balloon that is tied to a storm drain. It is supposed to be scary for the viewer. Is it therefore surprising that red balloons have begun to show up on real storm drains in the real world leading up to this movie? Not if you understand marketing.

A Possible Prankster

There is another theory for why these red balloons keep showing up, and it has everything to do with a possible prankster in the Pennsylvania area. He or she has apparently been tying red balloons to the storm drains in the area. Of course, this has some residents scared as they draw comparisons to the movie. As such, the police department in that area has asked whomever is doing that to please stop immediately.

The story in the movie involves a killer clown who lures children into the storm drains by enticing them with red balloons. It creeps a lot of people out (thank you for the nightmares Steven King), so it is no wonder that the police department is calling upon whoever is doing this to please stop.

Movie Promotion

Perhaps whatever is happening with these red balloons is nothing more than a clever marketing strategy by the makers of the movie. That type of thing has been known to happen before, and it is a fact that it is causing more people to talk about the movie than would likely have otherwise. Therefore, from that viewpoint it is actually a pretty successful marketing technique if that is in fact what has happened here. Considering this, perhaps we should all consider that this might just be some very clever marketing people who are getting a laugh at our expense.

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