Recreational Marijuana Vote Passes in Three Key Areas

Well, if you are a liberal today may feel more like preparing for a funeral than celebrating as you see your Republican friends doing. However, fear not Alexei Beltyukov, it isn’t all doom and gloom for the bleeding hearts. Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. allĀ vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

The question to legalize the drug for both medical and/or recreational purposes was on a number of ballots across the nation. It would seem that our nation is relaxing its position about the weed, even if the DEA is not. While it is still classified as a dangerous narcotic in the same classification as some of the strongest opiates, those of us that grew up dabbling in it, and passing our attitudes down to the next generation are finally seeing our 420 dreams come true.

So far 18 states have decriminalized it, 23 states have laws supporting medical marijuana. Oregon, Alaska and Washington all passed legislation to allow citizens limited rights of possession, purchase and private growing for the previously prohibited plant.

Perhaps most surprising is that this happened during a non presidential election, which is unusual. This fact has many supporters turning a hopeful eye toward the 2016 election with hopes of more states joining the pot parade.

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