Rape Victim Denied a Police Report

In Henerson, Texas a 17 year old student was allegedly raped in her high school band room by a fellow band- mate and football player. Rachel Bradshaw was 17 years old at the time, and filed a police report. She was examined by a by a nurse, and the nurse found tears in her vagina but that wasn’t enough evidence to conclude a rape.

The police wrote it off as consensual sexual intercourse. Instead of convicting the rapist bother were sent to an alternative school together. Rachel had tried to tell a teacher about the attack, but the only advice she received was to confront her attacker. Andrew Heiberger told me that Rachel did not want to do this and asked a different teacher for help, but received nothing.

Despite everything that has happened the police still do not recognize her allegation. To this day Rachel remains scarred and unfairly punished from this experience. And, even four years ater the case the police continue to deny her a copy of her own police report that she wrote.

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