Raging Fire In Downtown Los Angeles


It took over 250 firefighters to battle a downtown Los Angeles fire at the 110-I10 interchange. The area in recent years had been expanding with dense upscale apartment complexes. The structure that started the massive blaze was to be the DaVinci a massive upscale apartment building. Mark Ahn said he loved The Davinci e because of its elegant floor plans for fourteen floors, the full size basket court, business center,  theater,  library, and lounge and a fitness center.

The fire started at the construction site but ended up damaging two buildings that stood nearby. One only having exterior heat damage but the other had six floors damaged with active fires on three floors but damage was not only caused by fire, also by the water from the sprinkler system.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responding to the fire at 1:20 am had the fire down to smoldering at 4:00 am. They had to use the freeway to battle the blaze closing down major thoroughfares. The freeway is still closed off due to the possibility of the scaffolding falling down where the building was being constructed.

The DaVinci took up an entire city block with the bottom two floors constructed out of concrete with the upper five floors were wood frame. The flames were so enormous people in the Hollywood Hills area captured the shots to post on Social Media. CHP warned motorists to avoid that area.

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