Putin Denounces Claims of President for Life

Considering the drastic expansion of authority and power over all the Kremlin that has occurred throughout Vladimir Putin’s rule, many suspected that he would entitle himself as President for Life. This has happened several times around the globe. Power hungry leaders are elected to a position, they expand power throughout their term and then near the end they appoint themselves president for Life.

Vladimir Putin dispelled these rumors on Sunday. The president stated in an interview that he will not seek to be present for life, and he will step down after 2024. Currently, his term will end in 2018 and Putin will have to consider whether to run again based on the mood of the country and his own mentality. So far, Putin has essentially controlled the government since 2000, when he was initially elected as Prime Minister. After two four-year terms he stepped aside according to the constitutional term limits. However he retained power even out of office. Then he was elected to a six year term in 2012 as president.

The current outlook of Russia is dim. Putin has taken many steps to consolidate his power and essentially makes all the decisions for Russia. He has entered the conflict in Ukraine by sending Russian weapons and soldiers across the border with unmarked uniforms. This led to sanctions against Russia which have been ruining the economy at home. The media in Russia is tightly controlled, but many still overtly disagree with the President, Fersen Lambranho calling himself amongst them.

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