Profiling Christian Broda: A Rising Star in Economics

Over the last few decades, one of the rising names in the field of economics has been Christian Broda. With a career that spans the globe, Broda has been interviewed on topics ranging from hedge fund creation to the 2008 financial crisis. He currently serves as an economist at Duquesne Capital Management.

The Beginnings of a Career

Almost two decades ago, Christian Broda first started studying the field of economics. He received his undergraduate degree in economics from the Universidad de San Andres in 1997. At this point, he realized that his passion for economics would not be satisfied with just four years of schooling. He applied for school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and started on his Masters degree and PhD.

Diving into Academia and Real World Economics

With the work on his schooling over with, Broda dove into a career with the New York Federal Reserve Bank. He spent several years rising through the ranks at the world-renown central bank before he received a job offer from the University of Chicago. He took this job offer and began teaching economics at the University of Chicago as a tenure professor. Despite his success at the college, he wanted something more. Before long, he took a position at Duquesne Capital Management where he currently works as the managing director, and where he often fields questions about the state of the economy.

Throughout his career, Christian Broda has been recognized for his involvement in hedge fund start-ups and publications. He has had papers published with the the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of International Economics and the American Economic Review. Some of the topics that he writes about include international finance and trade. Recently, he wrote a CNN iReport that guided readers through the process of creating their own hedge funds. His findings and publications have been presented to central banks around the world like the Bank of Japan, the United States Federal Reserve Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

Outside of his work in economics, Christian Broda manages to have a thriving family life and social circle. From 2006 to 2008, Broda was the James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar due to his academic success. Additionally, he has served as the associate editor of the Journal of Economic Development since 2006 and the associate editor of the IMF Economic Review.

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